is where your three wiener dogs roam, they say. i live in a little brick house with three dachshunds and some humans in the town called napinka. it’s in manitoba, canada. 

the little old house needs a lot of attention and the short-legged things need to be fed and cuddled all day. but i manage to somehow find a little time for myself so that i can amuse myself and some other folks, and hopefully, those heifers across the dusty road. 

are you curious enough to click this button? if you are, good for you, because curiosity keeps the world goes around. we are all little worms wondering what kind of yummy food is rotting on the other side of the nearby compost bin. so, you can just skip clicking and sitting altogether and go outside to see the world. good for you, too, but there is a small world here as well, waiting to be discovered.

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