Doodley Emotions


if i remember correctly, the cow on the couch was the first animation i made, that is, anything outside Adobe Animate. i want to be one of the giffers, who live against the tide of the technological waves though they used to be the forerunners of the technological advancements. i admire the old guy who draws a beautiful scenery in Excel. it is a spreadsheet, old man!, people would say. he smiles and draws more.  

perhaps, it is wise to stop talking about giffers and the curious old man, and start talking about the project. i’m talking about the project i did not finish. projects are there so that students actually start doing something and finish, or it looks like it is finished. it’s good for you. you never do anything useful unless they give you a project. so i started thinking about making something.   

such a long ago i cannot remember what prompted me to decide on the project. why did i choose to make an animation from scratch when i was struggling with an animation software? maybe because i was struggling, i wanted to prove that software was no good. they are up to something, the big tech companies. they use software to brainwash citizens. and it is precisely what happened to me. i am converted. 

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