web stuff

what is “web stuff”? basically, when i sit in front of computers for a chunk of time, something happens. sometimes i get exhausted from watching too many youtube videos. sometimes i get exhausted from reading too many blogs, and i get exhausted from making something silly, like the website you see below. this is one of the websites i manually created with html and css. i did not know anything about grids and boxes. alas, how well the elements align. it was also before the covid-19. look at them, nobody is wearing a mask!

next one was a little bit better, still not using grids, surprisingly, and instead, utilizing Skeleton. if you can use skeleton, you can use grids and flex boxes. 

after struggling with skeleton for a while, then i moved on to the world of grids and flex boxes. they are so wonderful except when they are not. but it finally makes sense like those statistic first year formula finally makes sense when you meet them again in three years. of course, the freedom comes with responsibilities of cultivating that freedom, and you can find yourself standing in the middle of demolished landscape wondering where you went wrong.

doodley emotions was my first ever grids and flex webpage. it will be developed to a full-fledged website for the apps that are very un-useful. 

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